About Us

The Brevard Homeless Coalition (BHC) was established in July 2015 to serve as the Lead Agency for the Continuum of Care, responsible for managing issues regarding Homelessness in Brevard County. The BHC consists of a number of member organizations dedicated to the goal of eliminating homelessness in Brevard County by 2020.



Our Mission

The Mission of the Brevard Homeless Coalition is to provide a framework of services to prevent and eliminate homelessness in Brevard County.


Brevard Homeless Coalition History

Coalition: Lead Agency role assumed by Brevard County in 2002. Brevard Homeless Coalition becomes its own not-for-profit and assumes the Lead Agency role August 1, 2015.

Mandated By: US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Florida Department of Children Families Office of Homelessness. Primary Goal: To prevent homelessness and to assist those who are homeless. Membership: 60+ agencies serving the homeless community.  

Framework of Services to prevent and Eliminate Homelessness in Brevard

Housing First: Brevard

2015-2018 Strategic Plan

The Brevard Homeless Coalition’s strategic planning statement was modeled on the 2010 U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness’ adopted plan, “Opening Doors.” This federal plan established four national goals:

  • Finish the job of ending chronic homelessness;
  • Prevent and end homelessness among our veterans;
  • Prevent and end homelessness for families, youth and children;
  • Set a path to end all types of homelessness.
In developing the Brevard Homeless Coalition’s action plan, the Coalition relied on its work in 2013 and 2014 to create its governance, performance measures, and coordinated assessment process. In addition, the Opening Doors: Florida plan incorporates critical actions recommended in the Florida Plan to End Child Homelessness, released in 2010.

Increase Leadership, Collaboration and Civic Engagement

Objective 1:        Provide and promote collaborative leadership at all levels of government and across all sectors to inspire and energize Brevardians to commit to preventing and ending homelessness.   Objective 2:        Strengthen the capacity of public and private organizations by increasing knowledge about collaboration, homelessness, and successful interventions to prevent and end homelessness.

Develop and Monitor Performance Measures

Objective 3:        Reduce the number of persons experiencing homelessness in Brevard.

Increase Access to Stable and Affordable Housing

Objective 4:        Provide affordable housing to people experiencing or most at risk of homelessness.   Objective 5:        Provide permanent supportive housing to prevent and end chronic homelessness.   Objective 6:        Provide permanent supportive housing to prevent and end veteran homelessness.

Increase Economic Security

Objective 7:        Increase meaningful and sustainable employment for people experiencing or most at risk of homelessness. Objective 8:        Improve access to mainstream programs and services to reduce people’s financial vulnerability to homelessness.

Improve Health and Stability

Objective 9:        Integrate primary and behavioral health care services with homeless assistance programs and housing to reduce people’s vulnerability to and the impacts of homelessness.   Objective 10:     Advance health and housing stability for youth between the ages of 18 and 21 aging out of systems such as foster care and juvenile justice to prevent them from becoming homeless.   Objective 11:     Advance education, health, and housing stability for unaccompanied homeless youth, including minors not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian.   Objective 12:     Advance health and housing stability for people experiencing homelessness that have frequent contact with hospitals and criminal justice.

Retool the Homeless Crisis Response System

Objective 13:   Transform homeless services to crisis response systems that prevent homelessness and rapidly return people who experience homelessness to stable housing.

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