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Homeless Memorial

Brevard Homeless Coalition Memorial Services

December 21: The first day of winter, the longest night of the year

People in your community will die without a home this year. While we must try to prevent the loss of every life, we also need to recognize the reality of conditions that individuals experiencing homelessness face and plan to memorialize them on National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day.

In the past several years, hundreds of cities, representing more than 30 states and the District of Columbia, have participated in the National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day. As we emerge from the global pandemic, it is important to remember all those we lost and pledge to rebuild a strong social safety net for everyone residing in the United States. Let’s make this a year of increased awareness by organizing even more memorial events across the nation.

The National Homeless Memorial services take place every year on Dec 21st, the longest night of the year. Last year we had 136 who lost their lives while living on the streets in Brevard County.

If you know of an unsheltered Brevard County resident who has passed away due to the effects of homelessness in 2024, please click here to add their name. On December 21, 2024, we will honor their lives in one of our Homeless Memorial Services. Thank you.

Homeless Memorial Services 

Three memorial services were held on December 21, 2023 to commemorate the lives of those lost due to the effects of homelessness. We wish to thank Daily Bread/Our Lady of Lourdes, Matthew’s Hope, and Under the Bridge Ministries for graciously hosting the services.

In Memoriam, 2023...

Aaron Gaines
Adam Fudge
Alfred Simms
Alton Pettingill
Alvin Pressley
Andre Hall
Anthony Bodnar
Arthur Borromeo
Augusta Brooks
Bethany Reeder
Bobby Griffis
Brandon Ealand
Carl Griffin
Carlos Ortiz
Carol Mason
Christopher Pruitt
Clarence Hawk
Corey Shepherd
Curtis Thomas
Dale Mc Nichols
Danny Marino
Darrin Rust
David Ellis
David Herles
Debra Pelt
Dennis Horm
Devin Houston
Donald Cupit
Donald Vincent
Elizabeth Preaster
Eric Moon
Eric Wheetley
Erika King
Eugene Williams
Francisco Serrano
Frederick Arnold III
Gary Woofork
Gene Rizzo
Henry (Hank) Chouinard
Hubert McCormick
Israel Bencivenga
Jamey Palmer
Jason Jervis
Jeffrey Stumpfhauser
John Savoca
John Hernandez Ramos
John Hannan


Jonathan Howard
Joyce Striffler
Justin Tamboer
Kasey Armour
Kenneth Hughes
Kenneth Morse
Kevin Foley
Kevin Wells
Kevin Steele
Kyle Larkin
Larry Parker
Lisa Molnar
Lisa Marie Presley
Lola King
Lynette Broadrick
Matthew Gaskill
Megan Doty
Melville Braham Sr.
Micah Perkins
Michael Forrest
Michael Denton
Michelle Lee Deleon
Mona Martin
Nicholas Tarpey
Orlando Caballero
Paris Storm
Ralph Darby
Richard Long III
Richard Harvill
Robert Mitchell
Robert Osband
Robert Zuk
Robert Martone
Shane Argall
Sheldon Johnson
Stephen Foster
Stephen Spangler
Steven Modugno
Tamara Friend
Thomas Hyland
Timothy Cronin
Timothy Stickdorn
Tracy Brown
Vernon Tourigny
Victor Peters
Wade Drummond
Walter Beasley
Yashica Jackson