Working Together for a Housed and Healthy Brevard.

2023 Point in Time Count

Read the 2023 pit count press release here!

2023 HDX PIT Submission summary data

2023 HDx PIT Summary – Additional populations

2023 HDX PIT summary report – veterans

2023 hdx pit summary report – Youth

2023 Housing Inventory Count

The Housing Inventory Count (HIC) is a point-in-time inventory of provider programs within a Continuum of Care that provide beds and units dedicated to serve people experiencing homelessness (and, for permanent housing projects, where homeless at entry, per the HUD homeless definition), categorized by five Program Types: Emergency Shelter; Transitional Housing; Rapid Re-housing; Safe Haven; and Permanent Supportive Housing. HIC data is captured at the same time as the PIT count.

2023 HDx hic submission summary

2023 hdx hic summary – veterans

2023 HDX HIC summary – chronically homeless